An Arrow Through the Heart

This episode includes:

God of Love by Luke Matheny
Shooting Blanks by Liam Gavin

God of Love
Meet Raymond Goodfellow, a multi-talented artist who combines lounge singing with his champion dart throwing ability. He has fallen head over heels for his bass player, but she’s in love with the guitarist. His prayers are answered, or so he thinks, when he receives a package of passion-inducing darts. Writer/Director Luke Matheny’s film won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Live Action Short. Principal cast: Luke Matheny, Marian Brock, Christopher Hirsh, Emily Young and Miguel Rosales.
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Shooting Blanks
The loneliest feeling in the world is to love someone who doesn’t love you. Cupid is an admitted alcoholic who has had his own heart broken one too many times. If he can’t be happy in love, why should anyone else? A new love potion offers him one last shot at redemption. Have his own bitter experiences poisoned him forever or will he be able to shoot a bull’s eye for Zoe and Martin? Written and directed by Liam Gavin. Principal cast: Luke De Wolfson, Amy Phillips and Mark Holloway.
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