Weapons of Mass Deception

A woman on a subway discovers she is being watched and followed by some suspicious men. Despite her attempts to lose them, they are still closing in on her. This will turn into one heart-racing commute she will never forget. What are you afraid of? Just get a ticket and hold onto your seat. Written, produced and directed by Aimee Lagos and Kristin Dehnert. The story is inspired by an unnerving experience Kristin had taking the subway in Paris. Principal cast: Anne Ramsay, Shaun Toub, Don McGovern and Dwayne Wycoff.
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The Mongoose
The German Federal Police have set up a risky undercover sting operation to stage a fake plutonium deal with a terrorist. This takes the special SWAT team to a posh hotel suite for the showdown, but as they are waiting to strike there is an unplanned turn of events. A nail-biting short directed by Philipp Osthus. Principal cast: Stefan Rudolf, Mark Zak, Mignon Reme, Stephan Schad, Sarah Maria Besgen and Henning Schimke.

Weapons of Mass Deception 18 August,2015ImageMakers

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