Follow Your Heart

The Date
As a young German man, Michael had a one-night stand with an American girl in New York. Back then, they made a promise to meet again in Central Park twenty years in the future. Now, 20 years later, Michael returns to New York and waits at the arranged spot in Central Park. Will she show up? Directed by Andreas Samland (Day 26, which aired in season three of Imagemakers). Principal cast: Ecki Hoffman and Sarah Louise Lilley.

Passing Hearts
A young boy goes on a secret quest for answers after receiving a mysterious letter. This very moving tale reveals the unexpected ties that bind people who have never met. This award-winning film is inspired by an article that writer/director Johan Brisinger read in a newspaper. Principal cast: Max Enderfors, Kicki Bramberg, Angela Kovacs and Jan Mybrand.

Follow Your Heart 18 August,2015ImageMakers

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