Tough Love

Includes the films: Gray Zone by Karl Bretschneider and Who Do You Love? by Jim McRoberts

Human Rights, Human Wrongs

Includes the films: In the Morning by Danielle Lurie, Victoria for Chino by Cary Joji Fukunaga, Three Minutes of Torture by Christopher Morris

Diamonds and Rust

Includes the films: Terminal by Steve Judge and Take Me Somewhere Else by David Martin de los Santo

The Best of Our Youth

Includes the films: Clutch by Jackie Shulz, Rain Is Falling by Holger Ernst, and More Than the World by Lautaro Nunez De Arco

Hate Never Forgets

Includes the films: Everything in this Country Must by Gary McKendry and Billy's Day Out by Iain B. MacDonald

The Things We Do For Love

Includes the films: I'll Wait for the Next One by Philippe Orreindy, Call Register by Ed Roe, From Mesmer, With Love - or - Tea for Two by Alejandro Lubezki and Salvador Aguirre

Jeepers Creepers

Includes the films: Ten Steps by Brendan Muldowney, The Cat with Hands by Robert Morgan, Chyenne by Alexander Meier, and Doppelganger by Michael Horowitz and Gareth Smith

Face Your Fear

Includes the films: A Monk's Awakening by Marc-Olivier Louveau and Sweet by Elyse Couvillion

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