The Things We Do For Love

I’ll Wait for the Next One
Does the heart make a sound when it breaks? A lonely man has tried everything in his fruitless search to find a mate. He resorts to a poetic plea for love on the crowded subway. Will there be any takers? An Academy Award nominated short film with a strong emotional punch written and directed by Philippe Orreindy. Cast: Sophie Forte and Thomas Gaudin.
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Call Register
A comedy about two friends, a cell phone and a pretty girl. Kevin has met a girl and wants to call her to ask her out on a date, but without giving away his number should she rebuff him, he borrows his best friend’s cell phone to make the call — except his best friend already has her number in his speed dial! He discovers his friend “used to go out with her.” Are the embers still burning for this old flame? Why does love in the modern age have to be so difficult? Written and directed by Ed Roe. Cast: Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), James Lance and Neve McIntosh.
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From Mesmer, With Love – or – Tea for Two
An introverted psychology student resorts to unusual and questionable practices to break through his shell of loneliness to meet his beautiful and attractive neighbor. Being neighborly, he decides to invite her over and seduce her through hypnosis. Tea anyone? The film won the Grand Prize at Cannes. Written and directed by Alejandro Lubezki and Salvador Aguirre. Principle cast: Ari Brickman, Fabiana Perzabal and Emilio Echevarria.

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