Family Ties

A heartbreaking look at the plight of refugees on the run. A father and son risk life and limb to escape to a better life. They arrive at what they hope will be a safe place to call home, until the father realizes he has to choose between two evils in order to provide for his son’s future. The award winning short film was written and directed by Hisham Zaman. Principal cast: Broa Rasol and Serdar Ahmad Saleh.
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Two women’s lives are irrevocably changed through a chance encounter in a hotel one night. Carolyn, a self-absorbed Beverly Hills wife, trapped by motherhood, has come to a posh hotel to have an affair. Lu, a street woman living in a van, wanders the hotel hallways scavenging for food. When Carolyn opens the door to find Lu crouched on the floor eating off a tray, she mistakes her for room service. Desperate to get rid of her baby girl for the evening, she hires the stranger to baby-sit. A momentous decision is made that will change the three women’s lives forever. This award winning film is written and directed by Sian Heder – who worked as a baby-sitter in four-star hotels when she moved to Los Angeles. Principal cast: Angela Featherstone, Ashleigh Sumner and Lauren and Madelyn Wesch.
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