Human Behavior

Estes Avenue
One word — five lives. It’s 11 o’clock on Estes Avenue in Chicago. A Sunday not unlike many Sundays that came before. A day of rest. A day of peace. “God’s” day, if you like. Five residents greet this special day in their own unique way. Written and directed by Paul Cotter. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, he has gone on to direct commercials as well as theatre productions. Cotter filmed Estes Avenue while living on that street. He filmed the entire film in one day. Principal cast: Betsy Zajko, Stephen Dunn, Raminder Chadha, Lily Miller, Margaret Kustermann and Dan Flannery.
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The Shovel
When a man discovers his neighbor digging a hole in the middle of the night, he writes it off as bizarre small town behavior. That is, until the suspicious neighbor, his dog and his cheating wife disappear. Worried he has stumbled upon more than he has bargained for, he calls on the local sheriff to unearth the truth. He finds out that, in a small town, some secrets are better left buried. A tense and twisted thriller starring David Straithairn (Goodnight and Good Luck), Tim Guinee and Neal Huff. Written, directed and produced by Nick Childs. This is the NYU grad’s first dramatic short.
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A couple in their late twenties discover an underground surprise that transports them back to their youth. The thrill of adventure is quickly matched by a spike in the protaganist’s machismo, when a gang of teenagers decide to join in the fun. He soon learns that a bumper car rink isn’t exactly the ideal location for a romantic date. Written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo whose previous film (7:35 in the Morning) was nominated for an Academy Award. Principal cast: Nacho Vigalondo and Barbara Goenaga.

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