The Influence of Memory

Spark gets into the heads of artists who are deeply influenced by memories.

First, visit with painter Christopher Brown, who mines images of trains, birds, and buildings to create immediately familiar canvases that he seemingly never wants to finish.

Then meet photographer Binh Danh, who is known for his images of colonial Vietnamese printed on leaves. Now he is collaborating with Elizabeth Moy as they explore memory, history and war in and installation at Intersection for the Arts.

Also, see why Flo Oy Wong is driven by a need to explore family memories and identity. Her artistic path has resulted in a body of work that illustrates the rich yet painful history of Asian Americans.

Finally, get a peek at Deborah Slater‘s “Hotel of Memory,” which comments on the possibility of life without art.

The Influence of Memory 31 May,2006Spark

In this Episode

Binh Danh

Discover how Binh Danh invented his own photographic development process which he's coined "chlorophyll prints."

Christopher Brown

Find out why Christopher Brown seemingly never wants to finish his paintings.

Deborah Slater

Get a peek at Deborah Slater's "Hotel of Memory," which comments on the possibility of life without art.

Flo Oy Wong

See how Flo Oy Wong finds the inspiration to become an artist in the history of Asian Americans.

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