Stephen Kent

Composer and musician Stephen Kent has been playing the didgeridoo, a traditional aboriginal instrument, for more than 25 years. In that time, he has created a unique, contemporary style of execution influenced more by his travels than by a desire to continue within the Australian aboriginal musical tradition.

The didgeridoo is created out of hollowed Eucalyptus branches and is played with a technique known as circular breathing, where the musician keeps a constant flow of air through the instrument by breathing in through the nose while simultaneously blowing it out through the mouth.

Kent’s music has evolved from his international lifestyle — he was raised in Africa and England and lived in Australia before relocating to the Bay Area. He has recorded three solo albums as well as collaborated with other artists, and he has toured internationally. His radio show, “Music of the World,” airs live KPFA from 10am-noon every Thursday (PST).

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