Gregory Gavin

Gregory Gavin is a visual artist with a social cause. His site specific project called “Riveropolis,” was born out of his interest in bringing inner-city people together in a man-made environment reminiscent of nature. With this project, Gavin hopes to create a meeting place for people in much the same way as a watering hole found in nature is a meeting places for animals.

Spark visits Gavin and “Riveropolis” while in progress at the De Young Museum. The unadorned structures for Gavin’s riverscapes are constructed in his studio and then assembled in public spaces. The finishing work is done by people of all ages, who are invited to create riverside towns and attractions out of the materials Gavin provides. In this art-meets-culture installation, Gavin wants people to be reminded of the simple beauty of life, uncluttered by digital gadgetry.

Gregory Gavin 4 August,2015Spark
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