Spark Education

Spark Education provides educational materials about the Spark program content for K-12 and post-secondary educators, offering media resources, Educator Guides, and other tools to make contemporary arts an integral part of learning.

Spark Educator Guides can be found on corresponding Spark artist profile pages and on the Educator Guides page. Spark videos and related educator materials can also be found in iTunes University.

More Arts Educational Materials

KQED offers videos about contemporary artists, with special interviews and behind-the-scenes exclusives, along with accompanying lesson plans and curriculum guides. Make contemporary art an integral part of learning with our free online videos and educator guides. For more educational resources, visit the KQED Arts Education section, PBS Learning Media, and our video series made for students, KQED Art School. Visit our Arts Education section to learn more.

Spark on DVD

Spark DVDs are available for sale to educators and educational non-profit organizations and may be screened in classroom settings only. To inquire about a public Spark screening, please email

Spark stories from Seasons 1-4 are available on two-volume sets containing selected educational stories organized by discipline. Each DVD volume includes 90-180 minutes of video content and corresponding SparkEd Educator Guides (included as PDF content when DVD is accessed via computer). Additionally, many of the Spark videos and Educator Guides can be downloaded for free on iTunesU or accessed on our site (click on the links below).

How To Buy

Orders can be made by emailing

Shipping & Handling
$6 for 1 unit orders

$3 each for orders of 2-10 units
$1.50 each for orders of 11+ units
Add 9.5% sales tax

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

* DVDs are available to non-profit organizations only and can be used at non-profit educational events as long as no admission is charged.

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