Deborah Slater

Spark features Deborah Slater in her element working in collaboration on “Hotel of Memory – More Furniture Dances” with multi-disciplinary performing artists who are known for their dancing, singing, and trapeze work. This piece was inspired by Erik Satie’s “furniture music,” which was meant to be nothing more than ambient sound.

Slater’s dancers perform on and around a living room set. The furniture becomes an integral part of an evening-length narrative that deals with loss and memory. When the furniture disappears, what was once taken for granted leaves a physical and emotional gap in the lives of Slater’s unsuspecting characters. With an eye on the bigger social issue of decreasing government subsidies for the arts, Slater’s “Hotel of Memory” comments on the possibility of life without art.

Deborah Slater 30 July,2015Spark
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