What’s Going On?

A jogger and a boy on a bicycle challenge each other to a race. The runner stops at a busy intersection a truck approaches. The runner stops but the small boy pedals on. For a couple of minutes the world comes to a stand still as the jogger discovers he has the power over life and death – but whatever he decides comes with a price. Written and directed by Boris Pavel Conen. Principal cast: Marcel Hensema, Thom Van Seijen and Jack Bontekoe.

The Messenger
Jimmy lives with his mother in a big tenement building. In his room at night, he is tormented by an apparition that tries to communicate with him. When he tells his best friend and neighbor, he is surprised to find that he, too, has been visited by the same ghost. Only when fate bangs on the door does its meaning become clear. Written and directed by Diederik Van Rooijen. Principal cast: Dylan Boissevain, Edo Brunner and Milusha Birge.

On a cold winter evening, a stressed-out businessman gets stuck in rush hour traffic on his way home from work. He uses his brand new cell phone to call his wife to tell her he will be late, and instead he gets his young daughter. He asks her what mommy is doing and the answer he gets gives him the surprise of his life. This wicked comedy features equal parts drama, humor and suspense. Directed by Dirk Belien, the film was nominated for an Academy Award. Principal cast: Tom Van Dyck, Ellen Van Cutsem, Aza Declerq.

What’s Going On? 5 August,2015ImageMakers

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