The Kindness of Strangers

When Elvis Came to Visit
On the outskirts of Stockholm a small but momentous meeting occurs between Lukas, a young man who despises immigrants, and a young boy named Elvis. Elvis and his Iranian family just moved into the flat across the hall. Due to circumstances beyond his control, Lukas is forced to baby sit the young Elvis. What happens to prejudice when it is faced with the simplicity of a child? The award-winning short is written and directed by Andreas Tibblin. Principal cast: Josef Saterhagen, Ben Solimanaznavi and Leila Hadji.

The Passage of Mrs. Calabash
An overnight train hurtles through the barren winter from Chicago to New England. A young white gas station proprietress and a retired African American astrophysics professor share a sleeper car. This unlikely couple exchange stories of love and loss and reveal their deepest secrets. Written, produced and directed by Scott Tuft, the film sketches a skillful meditation on the notion that sometimes only a stranger can help you with the most personal and difficult transitions. Principal cast: Katherine Cunningham-Eves and Charlie Robinson.

The Kindness of Strangers 5 August,2015ImageMakers

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