Not the Same Old Song and Dance

A romantically challenged grocery store clerk wonders if he will ever find a girl. If he only knew that the girl of his dreams could be found in aisle number four … The classic song sung by Fats Waller, “When You and I Were Young, Maggie,” provides the backdrop of a love that might have been. Directed, written and produced by Benjamin Steiger-Levine and Joe Cobden. Choreography by Ame Henderson. Principal cast: Joe Cobden and Sarah Manninen.
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Tanghi Argentini
A lonely middle aged office clerk decides to hook up with a woman on the internet. She loves to tango. There’s only one problem. He can’t dance. He pleads with a co-worker to teach him to dance. After much cajoling, he accepts the challenge. Little does he know what he has gotten himself into. This surprising and charming Academy Award nominated comedy is directed by Guido Thys. Principal cast: Dirk Van Dijck, Koen van Impe and Hilde Norga.
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A man meets a woman in the bar. The romantic dance begins. What starts as an unassuming boy meets girl story turns into a technical tour de force of filmmaking with a touch of opera, tango, reggae and disco thrown in. The complex film was accomplished in one amazing tracking shot. Viewers will be scratching their heads as to how they pulled it all off. Written and directed by Jan Speckenbach. Principal cast: Johannes Kuehn and Filipina Henoch.
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Not the Same Old Song and Dance 18 August,2015ImageMakers

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