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One Day A Man Bought A House
It’s the same old love story you’ve heard a thousand times before. A man and a rat meet and fall in love — hey, wait a minute! Obviously, love works in mysterious ways. Written and directed by Pjotr Sapegin. Pjotr was born in Russia and worked as a stage designer for 15 years at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow before working in animation.
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Pib and Pog
Pib and Pog, two comic characters bring a whole new meaning to mischief, as their harmless pranks quickly escalate into behavior featuring acid, a reciprocating saw and a submachine gun. This is definitely not your normal Saturday morning cartoon. It’s more like Tom and Jerry on acid. Written and directed by Peter Peake from Aardman Animation, the same company responsible for Wallace & Gromit and the feature Chicken Run.
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The Orchid and The Rose
A beautiful red rose’s heart takes flight when a radiant orchid starts to bloom in the same window box. A sexy courtship ensues. The only thing standing in their way is an annoying bee. Directed and produced by Mark Benard and Dennis Tal. The hypnotic music is performed by the band Hinterland.
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An old man lives a lonely life under the dark shadows of industrial smog. One day he receives a mysterious package, which gives him the ability to change his environment. The award winning short was written and stunningly animated by student filmmaker Till Nowak.
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