Shift Physical Theater

The members of SHIFT>>> Physical Theater share an equal involvement in the development of choreography, narrative and structure for each project. Their work is generated out of the performers’ own stories and use modern dance to examine the relationships between people in contemporary culture. Founded in 1998, SHIFT>>> is currently a resident artist at ODC Theater.

Dancer Manuelito Biag is the artistic director of SHIFT>>>. Spark visits with Biag as they work on “The Shape of Poison,” which was inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Klesha, the emotional obstacles to enlightenment. The three main Kleshas are passion, ignorance, and anger.

We watch as Biag works on a duet based on “Passion.” Biag says “When we get too attached to one thing, when we get too passionate about a thing or person or concept … it causes us suffering.” But he says it’s important to forgive ourselves. “We’re human, and that to be aware and to be mindful is the key.”

Shift Physical Theater 19 January,2016Spark
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