Liz Hickok

Artists have long been concerned with capturing the spirit of the cities they live in. Liz Hickok is no exception. In her “San Francisco in Jell-O” sculpture series, she has crafted jiggling and jewel-colored landscapes out of one of America’s favorite desserts. Spark caught up with her working on her creations.

Hickok started off as a photographer, shooting scale models of cities used by architects and urban planners. While studying sculpture in graduate school, she decided to create her own San Francisco landscape. The offbeat beauty and unstable consistencies of Jell-O made it the perfect medium. Hickok starts her process with scale models, which then become cast rubber silicone molds. After the Jell-O filled molds set, she arranges them on Plexiglass lit from below.

Liz Hickok is a multi-media artist who works in video, painting, and installation. She was the recipient of a fellowship from the Kala Art Institute and has earned an M.F.A. from Mills College. She has earned a B.F.A. and B.A. from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. In spring of 2006, Hickok’s Jell-O sculptures were included in an exhibit that commemorated the 1906 earthquake at the Exploratorium.

Liz Hickok 4 August,2015Spark
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