East Palo Alto Mural Art Project

Founded in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula and the Ravenswood School District in March, 2001, the East Palo Alto Mural Art Project (EPAMAP), which began as a summer project, was created in response to the lack of teen enrichment programs and employment opportunities in East Palo Alto. Following the completion of two large murals in September 2001, and with tremendous encouragement from the community and project collaborators, EPAMAP ultimately expanded its summer program to include after-school programs which run throughout the year.

At EPAMAP, local youths are employed and trained in color theory, perspective drawing and painting. However, EPAMAP’s educational outreach does not stop at art. In addition to honing their art skills, students are also given the chance to develop research skills as they conduct directed research to assist in the design and fabrication of each mural. EPAMAP also give students the opportunity to use their mathematical capabilities as they rely on algebra, geometry, and physics to transform an artist’s sketch into a 60 foot mural. Besides providing educational enrichment, EPAMAP offers students a safe and supportive environment where they can earn money and acquire positive work experience.

In the “Next Generation” episode, Spark joins EPAMAP as they work on a mural for the Green Oaks Academy in East Palo Alto. Watch as over the course of 8 weeks, students contribute to every stage of the mural’s creation, from priming walls to voting on the mural’s design.

East Palo Alto Mural Art Project 11 August,2015Spark
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