Driven by the artistic principle of “on a stage with no rules,” improv group 3 For All hits the floor with no script, no format, no preconceptions and no safety net — making their audiences roll with laughter. They are Bay Area improv comedians Rafe Chase, Stephen Kearin and Tim Orr.

Having met in the late ’80s through the improv company, Bay Area Theatresports (BATS), the trio formed an ensemble in the summer of 1996 to pursue their distinctive brand of high-stakes improvisation, releasing a self-titled CD in February 2003. Chase, a founding member of Improv Theater, as well as other local groups, teaches improv for BATS and A.C.T., and in private classes. Kearin, a visiting instructor at Stanford University, has recently appeared on HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and a pilot of “The Phil Fuller Show.” Orr, like Chase, coaches improv at BATS and A.C.T. in addition to being cast in Bay Area plays and Brien Burrough’s improvised films “Suckerfish” and “Security.”

Spark follows 3 For All, taking you into the art of spur-of-the-moment improvisation. The three actors, along with the musical and lighting improvisers, work together to twist audience suggestions into narratives that last anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. Whereas most actors spend countless hours getting into character, 3 For All live in the “adrenaline shots” of spontaneity. Nothing is rehearsed, nothing is discussed before or during shows, nothing is held over or reworked in future shows — nothing but pure improvisation.

3 For All 19 January,2016Spark


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