Episode 105: Fine Finishes

| September 10, 2011

Jacques Pepin in Episode 105: Fine FinishesNever having tasted Cheesecake with Apricot-Blueberry Sauce until arriving in America, Jacques’ brother loved it! And this is the recipe that Jacques made for him on visits to the US. Jacques also prepares the classic and creamy Flan a la Vanille with Caramel-Cognac Sauce and a simple but decadent Chocolate Mousse. Lastly, he makes a creamy and delicious Bread and Butter Pudding.

(Only the linked recipes are available online. Other episode recipes are available by purchasing Jacques’ book, Essential Pepin.)

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  1. Janet Marino says:

    Please send me the Chocolate Mousse recipe from this show.

  2. Marvin Barnes says:

    The bread pudding recipe is wonderful. How can I prevent the bread from becoming too tough after baking?

  3. Tina says:

    Marvin, make sure that the bread slices are cut thinly and that they are soaked through with the custard mixture before baking (that 15 minutes soaking time is very important). This should ensure that the bread stays tender.
    Tina Salter – Essential Pepin, Series Producer

  4. Ann Helen says:

    Would it be possible to put all these videos on youtube so I can view them there? For some reason, the video gets very choppy and I can’t watch it on this channel. I’ve tried already on two computers, and it seems to work fine only on youtube. I’ve found some episodes there, but not all (like this one).
    Thank you!

    Ann Helen.

  5. Magally Martin says:

    I’m going to give a try to this recipe !!!! Wish me luck!!!!

  6. jeanie says:

    This was one of the best cheesecake recipes I’ve made, and I have some great recipes. I like this because it was very easy and not overly sweet. I especially liked the plastic wrap tip. That was so helpful.

  7. smooth-hound says:

    The bread and butter pudding was a bit … non-canonical though 🙂