Episode 104: Veg-In!

| September 10, 2011

Jacques Pepin in episode 104 Veg-In!Jacques loves vegetables and jokes that everything should be considered a vegetable, even chocolate cake!
Joking aside, we all know that we don’t eat enough veggies and Jacques creates simple recipes to tempt even the most reluctant. He begins by sharing Ragout of Asparagus with his friend and back-kitchen chef, David Shalleck, and explains the recipe in a step-by-step process. He goes on to feature two gratins, a colorful Zucchini and Tomato Gratin and a creamy Cauliflower Gratin. A very special presentation features a staring lobster nestled in artichokes in Artichoke Hearts Helen and finally, a simple Corn Tempura that can be served alone or topped with smoked salmon (or even caviar.)

(Only the linked recipes are available online. Other episode recipes are available by purchasing Jacques’ book, Essential Pepin.)

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  1. sue mirabella says:

    please the recipe again for corn tempura thank you

  2. JoAnne Lindsley says:

    just came from the market and watching the show made me want to go back to get all the ingredients to try everything my self. So inspiring!

  3. marian says:

    what is the recipe for the corn tempura

  4. Is it possible to have the recipe for corn tempura ? Thanks

  5. Bruno says:

    M. Pepin – all of the vegetable dishes were gorgeous but the corn tempura fritters are outstanding. They are going to be an appetizer for our Thanksgiving dinner this year with Scottish Smoked Salmon and creme fraiche and sour cream as toppers. Merci! And Happy Cooking.

  6. p2amela says:

    Pepin, The cookbook & DVD shows “Out of Stock”

  7. Robert Kyse says:

    Jacques, thank you for sharing your talents with us. You introduced me to cooking and have been an inspiration to me on many levels. I have your book and I am about to order the tapes. But I am very much a novice at cooking. I would like to change that by cooking the recipes in your book – hopefully all of them eventually.

    Would you please suggest one recipe from each section of the book that I might study and attempt to perfect? I believe I will need to put a great deal of effort into these first attempts and it will be encouraging to know you think it will be something particularly worth the effort.

    Thanks again.
    Robert Kyse

  8. Jill says:

    I am in love with you….

  9. Xyste says:

    cauliflower gratin is devine – it would be even better if I had the blue pottery dish to cook/serve it.

  10. TheBigC says:

    I, too, would love to have the corn tempura recipe, as well as any printed info about the caviar to take with me when I go shopping.

  11. Peter Balkite says:

    What is not to love! If I gained a pound, so what! By the way I did not, but the “thinnies” asked for all these recipes. And, the best yet: Kids eat their veggies. Thanks, Jacques.

  12. Barbara D'Angelo says:

    Please publish the recipe for corn tempura!!!

  13. Marian Parker says:

    The cauliflower gratin has become a family classic at our house. We also love your new show! Thanks for everything.