The Arion Press

The remarkable folks at Arion Press, Diana Ketcham and Andrew Hoyem, sent this note after they heard the first story in the series. Their type is composed and cast on the premises by M & H, the oldest and largest type foundry still operating in this country.

“How about fitting in the people who make their own metal type for handcrafted books. If there were ever “makers” we are it. Arion Press and M&H typefoundry in the Presidio–unique in the world and one of the most unusual treasures of the Bay Area. The Press and its foundry should have a place in any treatment of unusual crafts in the Bay Area. We stand ready to talk with you if there is any interest.”

Here are some sounds and photos from our visit to the press:

The Arion Press 28 September,2012The Kitchen Sisters

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