Peter Gleick Returns to Post as Pacific Institute President

The Heartland Institute cries foul as Gleick is invited back to work

After a three-month internal investigation, Pacific Institute president Peter Gleick has been cleared of further wrongdoing in the Heartland Institute scandal.

The announcement that Peter Gleick has been reinstated as president of the Pacific Institute was met with an outcry from the Heartland Institute, which has vowed to press ahead in its effort to prosecute the noted scientist for fraud.

In February, Gleick admitted he had faked his identity to obtain internal documents from the conservative think-tank.

“The Pacific Institute’s board of directors has failed to perform its duty and should be deeply ashamed,” said Heartland president Joseph Bast in a statement released today. “We have asked the federal government to prosecute Gleick for what we believe were serious crimes he committed, and we await its decision.”

Gleick took a leave of absence from the Oakland-based Pacific Institute in February, as an independent internal investigation began looking into allegations that he had given a false name to Heartland, and also manufactured a document containing detailed strategy information on Heartland’s national effort to downplay climate science.

While the Pacific Institute has not released any documents detailing the specifics of the investigation, it has cleared him of any further wrongdoing.

“Dr. Gleick has apologized publicly for his actions, which are not condoned by the Pacific Institute and run counter to the Institute’s policies and standard of ethics over its 25-year history,” read a statement released yesterday by the Oakland-based group. “The Board of Directors accepts Dr. Gleick’s apology for his lapse in judgment.”

Heartland, which has dubbed the incident “Fakegate,” maintains that the document outlining the group’s strategy – which Gleick asserted he received “in the mail” from a company insider – is a forgery.

Peter Gleick Returns to Post as Pacific Institute President 1 February,2018Jeremy Miller

One thought on “Peter Gleick Returns to Post as Pacific Institute President”

  1. What would you expect from the Pacific Institute. They are nothing but trash, led by a felonious con artist.  They can pony up to their like minded boss if they want, but it won’t save them. 

    Maybe they have done the State a great service, with their broken moral compass. Because they have reaffirmed their co-conspirator status, and Heartland will not be put off by insincere apologies. and ham handed confessions, after the crook had been caught, posted on friendly  websites cleansed and tended by like minded individuals.

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