Episode 126: Fowl Play

| September 10, 2011

Jacques Pepin and his daughter Claudine prepare fowl in Fowl PlayBold flavors make Jacques’ Turkey Cutlets in Anchovy-Lemon Sauce a winner. Shorey, Jacques’ granddaughter, is ready to dive into her serving. Claudine assists her father as they make Grilled Chicken with Tarragon Butter. Lastly, Jacques reveals a simple way to bone out a chicken and makes a Ballottine of Chicken with Spinach Filling.

Web extra recipe from book: Roast Capon with Armagnac-Mushroom Sauce

(Only the linked recipes are available online. Other episode recipes are available by purchasing Jacques’ book, Essential Pepin.)

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  1. matt says:

    he makes it look so easy!

  2. Ver'Dein Small says:

    Gave me some ideas, love the show, is there such a thing as Ballottine of Turkey. I will let yall know how i made out with it.
    Love the show Jacq!

  3. Dwilson486 says:

    I tried this and he really makes it look easy!  After several hundred chickens I might get the hang of it!!

  4. Rachel Perea says:

    I made the Ballottine of Chicken with Spinach Filling and it turned out great I did step by step and Mr. Pepin it was as if you where in my kitchen guiding me. I love your show and I hope to make many more dinners with your help. 

  5. Peterk says:

    I love watching Jacques do something as simple as cut up a chicken and make it look like art!

  6. Donny says:

    I have deboned my 5th chicken to date, and am thankful for having kept the episode recorded. It is much harder than he makes it look. Although it gets easier with practice. I will be replicating this again for family in 2 weeks. It is a real WOW factor with all my guests so far.

  7. cira says:

    did not like turkey cutlet with anchovy caper lemon — followed directions exactly and it tasted awful.

  8. rustyboettcher says:

    Don’t fear the bird, after the first couple it gets pretty easy. I’m making 10 of these for a group of 60 at our church next week.

    • one_of_6_billion says:

      Great job Rusty! I make these quite often myself and like you’ve state, get better and more efficient with each one. Many thanks to Mr. Pepin for sharing his immense knowledge. Again, great looking bird!