LGBT Pride Profile: Dining Around Radio Host Joel Riddell

It's been a big year for San Franciscan Joel Riddell, who won an IACP award for his Dining Around radio show and also had his longtime mentor, Gene Burns pass away. Riddell is a confidant to chefs, bold-faced wine and travel leaders and is the longtime partner to Robert Moon. Riddell shares his experiences of pride and homophobia within the culinary & media worlds.


LGBT Pride Profile: Punk Domestics Founder & Writer Sean Timberlake

June is LGBT Pride Month. There is so much energy focused on equal rights for the LGBT community right now, especially in CA. Punk Domestics (a site for DIY foodies) founder Sean Timberlake is a longtime San Francisco resident who has married his husband, dpaul brown a total of three times. Timberlake shares what it’s like to be out in the food blogging world as well as his picks on where to eat and drink.


LGBT Pride Profile: Waiter and Writer Michael Procopio

In celebration of LGBT Pride month, Mary Ladd profiles Michael Procopio, who is a San Francisco waiter and writer online at Food for the Thoughtless. Procopio shares how his brother Doug, who died of AIDS, influenced his brand of humor, and talks about one of his favorite gay eateries.