Treats for the Dead

Sugar Skulls

From our intern, Lauren Benichou:

At the beginning of November, thousands of folks across the Bay Area will celebrate El Día de Los Muertos by building altars ornamented with marigolds, pictures of lost loved ones, pan dulce and… sugar skulls. With November fast approaching, a story on the making of sugar skulls seems timely. Before interning with The Kitchen Sisters and long before I even knew that I wanted to do radio, the celebration of the Days of the Dead was the centerpiece of my senior thesis at Cal and consequently, the gravitating point of my life for almost half a year. This is a call to all the sugar skull artists out there in the Bay Area. Known and unknown, beginners and connoisseurs, I want to know how and why you make sugar skulls. Lend me your voices and show me your skills.

Treats for the Dead 17 September,2012The Kitchen Sisters

One thought on “Treats for the Dead”

  1. I have made sugar skulls but I am far from being an expert. My wife and I have however participated in Dia de Los Muertos celebrations for nearly two decades. At the Sun Gallery in Hayward, CA. I am currently showing a large scale leather mosaic I made for Dia de Los Muertos a few years ago. It’s a memorial to my father who was killed while sailing off the coast of Mexico called Ascension of John Long. I created a video telling his story through my process.

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