The Call for Stories

Story #1: The Call. Today, The Kitchen Sisters & KQED launch The Making Of… what people make in the Bay Area and why. The Making Of… is a community documentary project, that chronicles the art, creativity and invention going on in backyards, workplaces, cultural hot spots and public spaces throughout one of the most diverse and innovative regions in the country.

What are YOU making? How about your grandmother, your next-door neighbor, the guy you sit next to at work?

Call our listener phone line and tell us your story. (415) 553-3362.

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Nathan Dalton
Mixed by Jim McKee / Studio Engineer: Ceil Muller
Project interns: Maggie Johnson, Nora Kroopf, Lauren Benichou

Special thanks: Dana Yares, Doug Haut, Katherine Forrest, Paul Kangis, Theresa LaQuey, Laura Sydell, Elliot Gann, Sherry Franklin & Muttville, Mike Beatty, Forrest Lewinger, Ann Hatch & The Workshop Residence, J.D. Beltran, Scott Minneman, Lynee Breedlove, Sherry Olsen, Cecelia Chang, Marie K Lee, Phil Cho, Kevin Cooke, Julia McEvoy, Jo Anne Wallace, Lindsey Wagner, Kara Oehler, and Zeega.

The Call for Stories 24 September,2012The Kitchen Sisters

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