Video: Attend And Acheive Back To School Rally

On the steps of Oakland City Hall on August 18 for the Attend and Achieve Back-to-School Rally 2012 — in partnership with the Oakland Natives Give Back, the Oakland Unified School District and the City of Oakland’s Office of the Mayor, City Administrator and community organizations.
The day will include performers, family-friendly activities, a teen summit and parent workshops. The first 1,000 people to register in the morning and take advantage of a series of life-enrichment workshops and networking opportunities with community organizations and vendors will receive backpacks and school supplies for their kids. The “tools for school” giveaways will be distributed at the end of the day to those with wristbands received during registration.
This event is sponsored by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and is part of KQED’s American Graduate initiative in Oakland, which seeks to build awareness about the dropout issue by working with students, teachers, parents, businesses and nonprofits on news coverage, reporting, community events and town hall.

Watch this compelling video: Attend And Acheive Back To School Rally 2012

Video: Attend And Acheive Back To School Rally 1 October,2012ymartinez

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