Steering Girls To Science and Tech Careers

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January 6, 2012
Written By Tina Barseghian

Thirteen-year-old Ebony Green has hopes for a career in science.

For Ebony Green, a career as a scientist might have seemed unlikely just last year.
The stereotypical outcome for girls like Ebony, an eighth-grader at Frick Middle School in a rough part of East Oakland, isn’t necessarily a high-paying job in science, math, engineering or technology. In fact, 40 percent of Oakland Unified School District students drop out.
Still, despite her surroundings and the legacy of her race, gender, family background, and income bracket, Ebony sees a different future for herself. She wants to be a pediatrician, or maybe a vet, and she’s starting to take steps to get there. To read the rest of this compelling article go to: MindShift

As part of the PBS American Graduate Program, I produced a segment for the PBS NewsHour on Ebony Green and Techbridge with correspondent Spencer Michels. Here’s the segment.

Steering Girls To Science and Tech Careers 6 January,2012ymartinez

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