How BYOD Programs Can Fuel Inquiry Learning

The opportunity to extend access to technology in the classroom and at home is enticing, but school districts can get hung up on important details like providing a strong network, making sure each child has a device, and questions about around distraction. Of course, no one answer will work for all teachers or students, but one guiding principle that's shown to work is for schools to focus on how mobile technology will help shift instruction to be more collaborative, learner-driven and inquiry-based.


Tablets for Learning: Emphasis on Capturing Students’ Voices

As more schools across the country begin to use tablets in classrooms, it’s worth taking the time to note how other countries are incorporating tablets for learning. In this Slate article, Lisa Guernsey points out that the emphasis is less on games and interactive content and more on the iPad as a tool for capturing experiences.


Can Google Glass Take Learning To Another Level?

Many of these functions can already be done without the current $1,500 pricetag, through mobile devices and computers. But there are a few that stand out — augmented reality features specifically, many of which haven’t yet been invented — that could take learning to another level.


The iPad as a Tool for Creation to Strengthen Learning

We don’t want iPads to just become replacements for notebooks and textbooks, we want them to be objects to think with. We want students using them to mess around with the world around them and their courses of study. Here are ideas on how to use iPads to create and document in order to cement what students are learning.


Parents Want Kids to Use Mobile Devices in Schools

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have gained popularity as educational tools in part because of the belief those devices could cut across the digital divide created by socioeconomic boundaries. Now a new study reinforces that perspective, finding that students’ access to mobile devices, in this country anyway, is more often a question of parents’ … Continue reading Parents Want Kids to Use Mobile Devices in Schools →

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How to Help Mobile Education Go Global

For many of us, the conversation around mobile learning has shifted from asking whether mobile devices present educational opportunities to how they might best do so. From that second question, a new initiative has been launched: SMILE, the Stanford Mobile Inquiry Learning Environment, an idea, which, in practice, is almost staggeringly simple. Essentially, SMILE is … Continue reading How to Help Mobile Education Go Global →


What Will It Take to Bring Mobile Ed to the Developing World?

In developing countries, where smartphones and dependable cellular networks are still scarce, it’s been difficult to gauge the real impact of the mobile education movement. But with the combination of different factors — the advent of new technology, decreased pricing for data, a worldwide lust for mobile education, and a persisting patience for smaller screens … Continue reading What Will It Take to Bring Mobile Ed to the Developing World? →


Here Comes 2013: The Big Themes in Learning

Getty Here are three big stories concerning education and learning that you’ll be hearing about in the year ahead—and some pointers on how to think about them. 1. SMART USE OF TECH. Computers have been present in classrooms for a number of years now, of course, and in 2013 excitement about their potential to transform … Continue reading Here Comes 2013: The Big Themes in Learning →


Top 10 Posts of 2012: Deep, Meaningful and Creative Learning

Flickr: CriCristina It may come as no surprise that the ideas that are top-of-mind for educators, parents, and policymakers are the very topics conveyed in the most popular MindShift posts this year. Giving kids the tools to create, teachers the freedom to innovate, making students’ work relevant in the real world, giving them access to … Continue reading Top 10 Posts of 2012: Deep, Meaningful and Creative Learning →

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10 Awesome Outdoor Summer Learning Ideas

Thinkstock By Jennie Rose Summer can be a mixed bag, a combination of relief from the stress of school, followed by boredom, the bugaboo of a creative mind. The break from school offers a chance to carve out enriching, fun projects and beat the doldrums brought about by summer loafing. The warm weather is a … Continue reading 10 Awesome Outdoor Summer Learning Ideas →

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Can Anyone Design a Mobile Game?

ARIS If you’re interested in creating your own mobile games, but are intimidated about taking the first step, teacher Jim Mathews offers a few ways in. Start small. Create something simple before embarking on a more complex effort to design a game or interactive story with lots of moving parts. Experimenting with many simple (and … Continue reading Can Anyone Design a Mobile Game? →