The hype around Google Glass continues to grow, with more videos proliferating about the tool’s different uses and views. In education, users are noting the potential for streamlining processes and improving communication between teachers and students. This infographic from InformEd captures many of the potential uses in one quick snapshot.

Many of these functions can already be done without the current $1,500 pricetag, through mobile devices and computers. But there are a few that stand out — augmented reality features specifically, many of which haven’t yet been invented — that could take learning to another level.


An Infographic by InformEd

  • robthom

    Sounds like super-fun poly-sci study time for spoiled future middlemen.

    How long before before activists start insisting that its a violation of their rights if everybody else doesn’t pay for their google glasses.

  • sara

    Many of the things on the list above can be accomplished with other devices such as smartphones and small video cameras. The real question is what unique affordances does Google Glass bring to education?

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