Primer: Climate Change in the San Francisco Bay Area

baynaturegraphic.jpgFor a fairly comprehensive overview of how climate change is affecting the San Francisco Bay Area, check out “Taking the Heat,” a new special supplement from Bay Nature magazine, written by former San Francisco Chronicle environmental reporter Glen Martin. The report focuses on the region’s landscape, watershed, and ocean ecosystems, and it highlights specific climate change research being done in the Bay Area.

David Loeb, Bay Nature’s publisher and editor of “Taking the Heat,” said that conservationists need to be considering climate change as they develop projects to restore habitats and save endangered species.

“The fact is, climate change is a wild card,” said Loeb. “It’s not just straight warming.  There is unpredictability.  As we go about restoring ecosystems, we need to take that unpredictability into account.”

Illustration from the supplement by David Fierstein.

Primer: Climate Change in the San Francisco Bay Area 9 January,2009Gretchen Weber

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