Guest Youth Blogger: Night Before Presentation

Written by Sydnee Logan
Posted on April 14, 2012
Okay, so this has been a very exiting trip so far! My classmates and I have been stressed out, but still super exited about being in Canada, I personally cannot wait for us to get in Canada and see the communities of Vancouver. The early morning (3am!) trip to the airport was very new to us and we loved every bit of it. The wait on the plane was worth it. It was the first time flying for one of my classmates and I, and it was great to see that experiences firsthand. When we took off the plane ride was pretty bumpy and moving faster than I thought. When we got above the clouds it was smooth sailing from there. Soon everyone was falling asleep and even myself later from total fatigue.

I awoke to the loud voice of the flight attendant, my ears ringing and popping from the air pressure. I think that moment was the worst moment of the whole flight, but I also realized we were flying above Seattle. We finally landed in the airport and walked to the check in place then got us our vans and we tried our best to leave but the garage was like a maze with spiraling avant-garde art. We finally start driven and we finally came up to the border of Seattle and Canada. We get through, but the car full of my other class mates got pulled over in the border lines and they had to get out the car and give the information to the border patrol. We then are able to leave and we immediately headed to the AERA convention center, were Step would be presenting. I am looking forward to seeing my friend’s excel tomorrow. Working to be at our best we then practiced one more time and left to see the beautiful communities of Canada. We then got to our rented home in the north of Vancouver. The house looks really nice we ordered some pizza and everyone got back to work practicing their scripts, I know we will do great tomorrow. I will be recording the whole thing and posting it up on YouTube with my blog.

Here are the comments of my classmates about the first day.

“Hey I was pretty happy about the plane ride because I haven’t been on one for a while. The car ride was okay because I got to see the nice buildings of Canada then it was a pretty long ride. I am exited about presenting I literally cannot wait!” –(Nixon Callejas)

“I felt very nervous about the plane ride and I felt like it was too long. The car ride was even longer; we were sitting in those cars for hours I think my bottom fell asleep. I can’t wait to present tomorrow but I so nervous I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. I also thought that the buildings were very unique and something I didn’t expect from Canada over all this is an exiting experience.” –(Rebecca Pine)

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