Storify: How Would You Address the Dropout Crisis?

March 13, 2012
Written by Ian Hill

That’s a question KQED is asking as part of the American Graduate, an innovative new program designed to combat the dropout crisis. This question was posted at Spotify before the event, follow these responses. Which one of these comments did you most agree with?

Storify: How Would You Address the Dropout Crisis? 1 February,2018ymartinez

One thought on “Storify: How Would You Address the Dropout Crisis?”

  1. We have got to get real about our current education system – it no longer serves the needs of our kids, families or society. Young people need to be challenged and taught based on the wealth of knowledge we’re learning about the mind. Until we truly commit to rehauling the existing system, and basing it on scientific knowledge about how children and young people learn, we cannot have progress nor can we curb the drop-out rates.

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