Chinese Tamales

From our friend and former intern, Patty Fung:

My grandmother has been making Jung, or Chinese Tamales, in her home in San Francisco’s Sunset District for a long time. It was a recipe passed down by her husband’s mother and I had a chance to learn all about her way of preparing Jung while I was living with her. Jung is made for certain occasions with a history revolving around the death of a famous Chinese poet and patriot named Qu Yuan. It can now be found daily around Chinese eateries in the Bay Area or made with age-old recipes in home kitchens like my grandmother’s.

The backstory, history, and her own recipe can be found here.
Chinese Tamales 11 September,2012The Kitchen Sisters

2 thoughts on “Chinese Tamales”

  1. I have not made joong for 40 years and had a taste for making them. I even bought the leaves, sticky rice and yellow beans, but forgot how to fold the leaves, so this is perfect timing! I can get a refresher from Ms. Fung’s mother! Thank you!

    1. Barbara, we are delighted to hear that this short film has been helpful to your jung endeavors! You are very welcome. We hope the folding went well. Would be great to hear your jung stories as well. – Ms. Chan and Patty Fung.

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