In this special presentation of Forum, we continue to take your calls and check-in with reporters and officials across Sonoma and Napa counties.

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SPECIAL COVERAGE: Fire Continues to Ravage North Bay 12 October,2017Michael Krasny

Lisa Fasano, director of communications & outreach, Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Bob Fenton, region 9 administrator, FEMA
Bill Martin, chief meteorologist, KTVU Channel 2
Jim Wood, assemblymember, California district 2

  • Steve915

    ANY word about these fires, from President Twit?

    • Noelle

      No, too busy dissing Puerto Ricans dealing with their disaster. Well, he did declare a disaster for California at least.

  • Gene K.

    FYI, Truitt & White in Berkeley had a pallet of masks available yesterday. I bought a bunch before heading to Napa.

    • Sar Wash

      Lowe’s in the Bayview District stated that they have a shipment of masks arriving today.

  • Scott A

    Is this a press conference, or an awards ceremony?

    90% of this has just been words of praise, congratulations, thanks, and appreciation.

    There has been VERY little conveyed that inspires trust. It sounds completely tone deaf for those who are loosing everything.

    I’m sure there’s a good story to be told here right now. It just isn’t being told in this conference. Almost none of this failure is on the shoulders of the front-line first responders. (They’re working their butts off for heroically long hours, doing real damage to their lungs & many have mounting losses themselves.)

    This has been a failure of leadership.

    The only reason why the number of fires is decreasing is because they’re getting larger and merging. If your containment grows by 10% containment, but the fire is 3x larger, you’re not making any headway. I believe that everything is /now/ being done to fight the fires. However, it appears that in the first 24hrs, critical fire-fighting resources were being spent on tasks that could have been done by people with less-specialized skills (alerting of evacuations, traffic direction, etc).

    City and county officials FAILED their populations in the first critical days of this disaster. Locals needed solid info about what to do /now/, what to prepare to do /soon/, and how they can help others. We need good sources for current _and_ future info.

    If those failures aren’t publicly acknowledged, it’s hard to establish trust going forward. Residents are painfully aware of how terrible info disbursement has been so far (no system was in place to warn people of impending or immediate evacuations). Nobody knew which roads were safe, or which medical facilities were. The county didn’t even know the status of it’s own medical facilities & had to send out employees to bypass roadblocks and check in-person _36hrs_ later to see if facilities were still occupied.

    This isn’t just embarrassing, it’s a life-threatening level of ineptitude in poor disaster planning.

    DON’T HOARD INFORMATION!!! It erodes the public’s trust.

    Post publicly what the trigger-point conditions are different regions (which hillls/ridges are being monitored? Which areas need to evacuate when they are breached?)

    Share your maps.

    Let people know which roads are closed, and likely to close/open soon & under which conditions.

    Get supplies like masks to the stores people are likely to visit – not just central planning locations locals aren’t likely to know about.

    There are SO MANY low-hanging fruit that could have been picked (& still could) to help people. Simply things like having a plan to send vehicles with loud-speakers through evacuation zones. Using Google maps in your HQ to track, in real time, which streets have been notified Putting in calls for the public to bring the RIGHT supplies to different regions, or contact key resources/centers. You have an army of volunteers who WANT to help by doing things like this. Use them.

    • jahini

      You are 💯💯💯 right People are getting Awards and the 🔥🔥🔥are still burning?😤😤😤😷😷😷

  • jahini

    Can you give us information on Solano County fire reports and evacuations

    • Sar Wash

      Text the ZIP code of your propderty to 888777. This Nixle system is the only timely and reliable way to get evacuation information.

  • Yannick van Buskirk

    ANY word about these fires, from President Twit?

    • Curious

      Where’s Jerry Moonbeam?


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