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Study: No Job Loss from Soda Tax

A team led by Lisa Powell, an economist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, analyzed the effect of a 20 percent tax on sugar-swettened beverages. That works out to a little more than a penny-per-ounce. They looked at the impact in two states: Illinois and California.

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Is San Francisco Primed to Approve a Soda Tax?

On Tuesday, San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener says he will propose a 2 cents-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. If the board passes his proposal, San Francisco voters will see it on the ballot next November. This tax is double the amount proposed last year in elections in the California cities of Richmond and El Monte. Those were a penny-per-ounce each and both were defeated by voters.

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New Factors in Play for Legislators Considering Statewide Soda Tax

A soda tax failed at the ballot at two California cities last November. Before that, a statewide soda tax failed two years ago. But advocates and legislators are trying again. A bill that would require a penny-per-ounce tax on any sugary beverage is back in front of legislators and, so far, has passed out of two Senate committees. The bill by Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) has two explicit goals: to "discourage excessive consumption" by increasing the price of sugary drinks and to create a Children's Health Promotion Fund.


Bill for Statewide Soda Tax Introduced

Richmond voters may have crushed an effort to pass a soda tax last fall, but that’s not stopping one lawmaker from trying to tax sodas statewide. State Senator Bill Monning tried to pass a statewide soda tax two years ago that failed, but with Democrats expected to hang on to supermajorities in both houses, Monning thinks this time is different.

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Most Californians Support Soda Tax If It Benefits Children’s Health

Just over three months since voters in two California cities -- Richmond and El Monte -- flatly turned down soda taxes on the ba, a new Field Poll released Thursday found a majority of California voters say they would support a soda tax if the funds raised were devoted to children's health. While only 40 percent of voters said they favor a sugar-sweetened beverage tax, that number jumped to 68 percent if the proceeds will benefit school nutrition and physical activity programs.

Quick Read: Soda Tax Advocates Undeterred by Election Defeats

Soda tax advocates are taking a lesson from tobacco taxes. The first cigarette taxes proposed years ago failed, but ultimately became accepted by voters and legislators. The beverage industry can “tell the tide is turning” says one advocate. Source: Kqed In Tuesday’s election, Richmond voters may have flatly rejected a move to make sodas more … Continue reading Quick Read: Soda Tax Advocates Undeterred by Election Defeats →

Quick Read: Richmond Soda Tax Unpalatable to Voters

Richmond’s Measure N, which would have added a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks, was defeated two-to-one. Source: Kqed It seems Californians are not ready to tax sugary drinks as a way of reducing obesity. Two measures — one in Richmond, and one near Los Angeles — both failed at the polls last night. Supporters of … Continue reading Quick Read: Richmond Soda Tax Unpalatable to Voters →