The San Francisco Office of the City Attorney has made available the suspension documents served to Ross Mirkarimi today. The documents have also been posted on the City Attorney’s web site.

“Dear Sheriff Mirkarimi” Ed Lee’s official letter starts. After that, it’s not so friendly. Lee informs Mirkarimi that “I am immediately suspending you without pay from the Office of Sheriff on grounds of official misconduct… Sincerely, Edwin M. Lee, Mayor.”

At least he didn’t write “best wishes”…

Political science professor and analyst Corey Cook outlined the removal process yesterday to KQED’s Cy Musiker. “The city charter, which was amended in 2003, gives the mayor authority to bring charges against officeholders for official misconduct, which is defined very broadly,” Cook said. “The charter gives the mayor the ability to suspend and to bring charges that will ultimately go through the Ethics Commission and the Board of Supervisors. If nine of the 11 supervisors vote to remove him he’ll be removed.”


Also sent out: Sec. 15.105 of the city charter, which spells out the suspension and removal process:

Read the Suspension Documents Served to Ross Mirkarimi 23 March,2012Jon Brooks

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