Join us this afternoon for analysis and commentary on today’s game from KQED News—and from you, the fans. We’ll kick off at 3 p.m. PST, a half hour before game time.

And in the meantime, KQED’s Ian Hill has set up ongoing coverage of the run-up to the game.

  • Businessontheedge

    The most disliked 49er in San Francisco tonight…hmmm let’s put our heads together and see if we can figure it out…Kyle Williams would you like to help me…really twice no-don’t recover the punt and don’t protect the ball…really?  You’re kill’n me.  Okay…shifting gears Go Patriots whoo hoo…Tom Brady!

  • Dan Brekke

    Yeah–Kyle Williams’ mistakes cost his team. But, they’re a team. And I think Jim Harbaugh would be the first to tell you that this guy is a gamer and that there are plenty of other things the team could point to that were just as or more decisive in not winning this one. But anyway, that season is over for them. On to the next one. And hey Kyle Williams–keep your head up. 


Dan Brekke

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