Let’s face it: If you’ve never been to Burning Man, you’re probably irritated by its very existence.

But am I alone in never having met anyone — literally — who’s been to the week-long art festival/happening-in-the-Nevada desert without coming back in at least a modest state of reverence? And that includes some of the snarkiest cynics I know — people you’d think would return with a couple of hours worth of sarcastic material but instead came back proselytizing.

Well I like to think I could be the first… but I have to admit this new video of burners reciting the Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go is really a pretty charming glimpse into the 2011 event. Take a look…


Video: ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go at Burning Man’ 9 January,2012Jon Brooks

  • John Paul Quilliard

    I did not enjoy the “event” or the people.  Prior to knowing these “Burners” my life was that, life.  After meeting them, my life sucks, and there is a direct correlation to “burning man”.  Prior to going I was an artist, writer, and performer, now, I am just waiting to die.  That is what I got when I bought my ticket.  It was like people actually went out of their way to make the event a bad time for me.  Just my experience though.

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