Here’s some dialogue from an absurdist play I’m writing:

Man: It’s a car on the roof.

Woman: Go get somebody.

The longer version can be found in this KFSN TV story:

A family in Northwest Fresno was stunned Wednesday morning to find a car on the roof of their apartment. Police said a man who stole a car landed it on an apartment located on Emerson and Charles.

Ralph White and his family got a rude awakening just after 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning when a car plopped right on top of their apartment roof.

“We just looked on the roof because saw stuff falling and stuff smoking. So we looked in there and my cousin was like, ‘It’s a car on the roof.’ And she was like, ‘Go get somebody.’ So I ran to my neighbors house and then told her and she called the police,” said White.

Video, natch. This is really quite odd…

The 26-year-old who stole the car was arrested.

Video: Stolen Car Lands on Roof in Fresno 5 January,2012Jon Brooks

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