A video of a confrontation between a driver in a Mercedes and two protesters on Wednesday night is just one of many controversial incidents that occurred during last week’s Occupy Oakland demonstrations. From the Chronicle’s report last week:

A car struck two Occupy Oakland protesters tonight as they marched with a crowd along Broadway, and an angry mob surrounded the car as emergency workers tended to the injured. The driver, who was not identified, sat in his silver Mercedes-Benz sedan after the 7:30 p.m. incident while hundreds of people screamed at him through his closed windows. BART police officers who were guarding nearby transit stations responded, questioned the driver and several witnesses, then let the driver leave the scene at 11th Street and Broadway in his car.

Here’s video of the incident and the aftermath:

KGO today put up an extended interview with Lance Lavendure, one of the protesters struck by the car. Lavendure says he still doesn’t know who the driver is and that he and the other pedestrian injured “want to know why he’s not in jail.” Lavendure is using a cane to walk as a result of the collision, and KGO is reporting his companion’s ankle was “crushed.”

BART, for its part, defended the release of the driver by officers, and on Friday released this statement and timeline of events. The transit agency said the incident is being investigated by the Oakland Police Department, which has jurisdiction, and that it was the OPD who “advised BART Police to release the driver of the involved vehicle.”

BART Police on the scene observed no evidence of alcohol use by the driver. The BART Lieutenant at the EOC (Emegency Operations Center) relayed this information to an Oakland Police Lieutenant at the EOC, who then reported it to a higher-ranking member (Deputy Chief) of the Oakland Police Department. Oakland Police requested BART Police gather information from the driver, his vehicle, the injured pedestrians, including the extent of injuries and the destination hospital; and to turn over the information to Oakland Police for investigation. Oakland Police further advised BART Police to release the driver of the involved vehicle.

Video: Man Run Over by Car During Occupy Oakland Protest Speaks Out 18 November,2011Jon Brooks

  • We are in the midst of the first ever GLOBAL protest against corporate greed and their molestation of our government. People around the world are standing together to raise their voice against the oppression of the 1% and their corporate welfare and lobbying which are eroding our economy and country from the inside out. See my artwork for the movement as well as resources and videos of the protests at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/09/occupywallstreet.html Get informed and get involved… all you have to do is raise your voice for change!

    • damana

      Are you an idiot? No seriously?

      If the corporations are “molesting” the government, don’t you think that is the GOVERNMENTS issue?

      Or is this because Obama’s regime is the government and you can’t find fault with them, so you go after the corporations who have nothing to do with this?

      • Fallout2man

        Yeah, what a moron right? Just like when a woman gets raped, it was totally her fault right? Slut should’ve never left the home without an armed guard?!

        Or maybe there’s fault to be found with Obama for being bought and paid for, Republicans AND Democrats who were bought and paid for, and also the big companies who buy and pay for both of them, hrmmmm?? ;p

        • The Saint

          @Fallout2man, how’d you draw that comparison from what damana said? Get back to your Xbox, buddy; the world’s just a little too complex for you.

        • percept

          you must’ve had a horrible analogies score on your SAT’s.

  • Julie

    Why the hell didn’t those 2 fools get out of the way of the car when it originally stopped for them, instead of standing there and banging on the car hood?! What a couple of idiots – they were the ones obstructing traffic!!

  • 53%er

    Why didn’t those fools just get out from in front of that car when it originally stopped? Then the guy starts banging on the car hood – I would have done the same thing in fear that the guy was going to do me harm!

    • Tom

      The two injured protesters should definitely bring a civil suit against the driver of the Mercedes! And the driver should already be behind bars. You don’t attempt to murder someone for banging on your car with his fist. And all of you idiots who say the Mercedes driver was justified, really embarrass me as an American and a human.

      • percept

        Before he did the running over, he was a random innocent guy in a mercedes. The moron protester decided to bully him for no reason. Bullying should be punished, in any form. May not have been completely justified but it’ll make him think twice about stepping in front of a random car and pounding the hood. You could say it made him a better person.

        The only embarrassment is yourself. America doesn’t need any more law suits.

  • Dodgers FAN 666

    This guy is an idiot. I’ve been searching the web for a close up look of this douchebag. Thanks. Getting to see him cry and shake is almost as good as seeing him get what he deserved the other day.

  • Deborah Furner-Anderton

    I commend the protestors. The protestors that were run into by the car are in the right. You have demonstrated clearly how the new breed of neo-liberal scum care more about their material rewards than their fellow human beings. They are backward, greedy and unevolved people and should be held to account for their own actions before the law. It can only be hoped that the law will be able to see clearly that people simply can’t go around running into people in their vehicles. I don’t know whether or not the protestors were meant to be there or not, it still does not justify what the driver did. I live in Australia and these right wing mongrels are spoiling this country also. I recently left my job because of abuse by one of them, I would rather be poor. Something has to be done, they are destroying the planet with their greed and treating their fellow man in a dehumanising and immoral manner. I am sorry that this happened to you two protestors.

  • Angela

    If you are angry and White then I guess it’s Okay to try and kill people with your car. Shame on all the people who sided with this driver!!!!

  • Mos

    These guys were impeding traffic and assaulting the driver. He should have backed up over them.

  • nunya

    The two idiots got less than they deserved. Remember the guy that got dragged from his truck during the riots in California and beaten almost to death? If he had just run over a couple of the jack asses he would not have been assaulted. The Mercedes driver rightfully feared for his physical well being and acted to preserve himself. BRAVO!

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