The Daily Californian, the UC Berkeley student newspaper, has good coverage of yesterday’s “Day of Action” on campus, which “saw a largely calm protest punctuated by bursts of violence between demonstrators and police, leading to two arrests. Students were protesting state budget cuts that have resulted in higher tuition.

Curated video, photos, tweets, and other web content that tell the story of the protest below. (Note: Four-letter words included.)

Also, KTVU has raw video of some of the more violent confrontations.

Here’s the first of a series of five video reports by the Daily Cal.

UC Berkeley Day of Action; Video of Violent Student-Police Confrontations 23 September,2011Jon Brooks

  • Moravecglobal

    Wage concessions by Cal Chancellor Birgeneau and Faculty arrest tuition increases. FOCUS on the UC Berkeley Chancellor.
    I love University of California (UC) having been a student and lecturer. But today I am concerned that at times I do not recognize the UC I love. Like so many Alumni, Corporate Donors, Legislators, and Californians I am deeply disappointed by the pervasive failures of UC senior management and Regents.
    Californians are reeling from19% unemployment (includes those forced to work part time, and those no longer searching), mortgage defaults, loss of unemployment benefits. And those who still have jobs are working longer for less. Chancellor/Faculty wages must reflect California’s ability to pay, not what others are paid.
    However we also understand that there needs to be reasonable limits that reflect economic realities. UC Berkeley (Cal) pay raises for generously paid Faculty is arrogance.
    UC Berkeley (ranked # 70 Forbes) tuition increases exceed national average rate of increase. Chancellor Birgeneau’s leadership molds Cal into the most expensive public university in the USA.
    Can we do better with a spirit of shared sacrifices by UC Faculty, Provosts, and Chancellors?
    (17,000 earn more than $100,000)
    No furloughs.
    18 percent decrease UCOP salaries, $50 million budget cut.
    18 percent prune chancellors’ salaries.
    15 percent trim tenured faculty salaries, increase teaching.
    10 percent non-tenured faculty pay decrease, increase research, teaching.
    100% elimination of Academic Senate, Academic Council budgets.

    There is no question the necessary realignments with economic reality are painful.

    UC Board of Regents Chair Sherry Lansing can bridge the public trust gap with reassurances salaries reflect depressed California wages. With UC’s shared financial sacrifices, the sky above UC will not fall.

    Opinions make the difference, email UC Board of Regents

  • Moravecglobal

    University of California Berkeley Chancellor Robert J Birgeneau ($500,000 salary), displaces qualified for public university education at Cal. Californians with $50,600 FOREIGN students.

    Ranked # 70 by Forbes, the University of California Berkeley is not increasing enrollment. $50,600 FOREIGN students are accepted by Birgeneau at the expense of qualified instate students.

    Your opinions make a difference; email UC Board of Regents

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