Forty-five people were arrested during another BART protest Monday evening. Raw video from KGO TV:

Here’s video of a protest march on Market Street.

And video of the protest at one of the BART stations, from KCBS, and more video from the streets from CBS News.

Update 9:55 a.m. Here’s info from BART on the times that the Civic Center and Powell stations were closed yesterday:

8/22/11 BART Station Closure Summary

Civic Center Station:
5:27 PM Closed
6:17 PM Open

6:38 PM Closed
8:08 PM Open

8:19 PM Closed
8:35 PM Open

Total time closed: 2 Hours, 36 Minutes

Powell Street Station:
5:47 PM Closed
6:08 PM Open

6:30 PM Closed
6:38 PM Open

6:54 PM Closed
7:23 PM Open

7:44 PM Closed
8:24 PM Open

Total time closed: 1 Hour, 38 Minutes

Video of BART Protest, Arrests; BART Details Station Closure Times 23 August,2011Jon Brooks

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