Some material on the larynx transplant at UC Davis, which has made news all over the world. From the Modesto Bee:

For more than a decade, Brenda Jensen has been teased for using an electronic device that made her sound like a robot.

Today, the 52-year-old Modesto woman has her voice back, thanks to rare transplant surgery at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

In what was only the second successful larynx transplant documented in medical literature, an international team of surgeons replaced Jensen’s larynx in October.

Thirteen days later, UC Davis surgeons were at her bedside to find if their delicate work had been a success. They asked Jensen to speak.

“I want to go home,” she said in a hoarse voice before breaking into a smile. Full article

Here’s this morning’s report by Sarah Varney on The California Report:

And here are video and animation about Jensen and the procedure from UC Davis, and here’s a KCRA Sacramento video report on the post-surgery press conference featuring Jensen speaking.


Jon Brooks

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