Roy OswaltAfter splitting the first two games in Philadelphia this weekend, the Giants return home for Game 3 on Tuesday at 1:20 p.m. Sources reveal Game 1 was totally awesome, Game 2, uh, not so much.

One interesting side note to the first game. Engaging in a novel approach to stadium-wide trash talk, Phillies’ fans tried to rattle Tim Lincecum by giving him the old wolf-whistle, in unison. My colleague Dan Brekke wrote in his Saturday live-blogging post:

Besides the long balls, the main drama tonight has been supplied by the Phillies fans, who have been wolf-whistling at Lincecum–apparently because they don’t care for his shoulder-length locks.

Phillies fans. Their jeering once prompted the great and strange Richie “Dick” Allen to write “boo” (and other messages) in the infield dirt at his position. Word has it that they chased Ben Franklin out of town because they didn’t like his haircut, either.

That reminded me of a story I’d been hearing about the notoriously crotchety Philadelphia fans since childhood: Did they really once boo Santa Claus? Urban legend debunker provides the answer: True, but with extenuating circumstances.

News coverage of last night’s 6-1 loss:


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