KQED Perspectives: It's a Big Deal

GabrielGangosaMay 8, 2013
KQED Perspectives
Written By: Gabriel Gangoso

Busy high schooler Gabriel Gangoso is missing out on being a kid.

“Always shoot for the stars,” they say. So many kids, some out of ambition, many out of fear, rocket towards those very stars. Academics and filing college resumes becomes kids’ whole lives. Especially now, when my AP and honors classes get harder, as my extracurriculars demand more and more of me, I find myself telling my friends and family “Sorry, I’m busy”. Sure, some will say, “Oh, you missed a birthday party or two. Big deal.”

Yes, it is a big deal.

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KQED Perspectives: It's a Big Deal 10 May,2013ymartinez

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