Radio Forum: Overhauling Teacher Evaluations

Originally aired August 31, 2012

A state bill overhauling teacher evaluations, which was set to be voted on by the Legislature today, has been withdrawn. AB-5 would have made test scores optional in assessing teachers. We’ll discuss the controversy the bill has stirred up in Sacramento, and the broader issue of teacher evaluations.

  • Eric Heins, vice president of the California Teacher’s Association
  • Gary Ravani, vice president of the California Federation of Teachers, president of the Early Childhood/K-12 Council for the California Federation of Teachers and a classroom teacher for 35 years
  • Jill Tucker, education writer for The San Francisco Chronicle
  • Jill Wynns, president of the California School Boards Association and former commissioner of the San Francisco Board of Education
  • Tim Melton, vice president of legislative affairs for Students First, a bipartisan grassroots organization focusing on education

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Radio Forum: Overhauling Teacher Evaluations 10 September,2012ymartinez

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