Watch Live! KQED Teacher Town Hall

Watch Live! KQED Invites you to watch the Teacher Town Hall
March 13, 2012 from 5:40-8:00pm

Free live streaming by Ustream
Free live streaming by Ustream

Watch Live! KQED Teacher Town Hall 12 March,2012ymartinez

2 thoughts on “Watch Live! KQED Teacher Town Hall”

  1. I have taught elementary school for 30 years. Effective school instruction has come and gone. When I started working for Porterville Public Schools they were using an instructional system developed by Dr. Engleman out of Eugene, Or. The results in reading, language arts and math were the best possible. The school district dropped the program about 20 years ago. I used it throughout my 30 year career.

    Education is failing because the curriculum is poorly written, untested and old.

  2. So what positive things are happening for education in Oakland and for disenfranchised students?
    I can tell you two:
    -At schools which represent all of Oakland, that have a very diverse student and family population, many minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students are doing well. These schools include Peralta, Glenview, Kaiser, Sequoia, Bella Vista and others, where minorities consistently score 800+ on their APIs and break the stereotypes your guests are talking about.

    We need to fulfill the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. and diversify our schools to help reduce discrimination and spread the resources. These schools are proof that it works.

    -We need programs that work with kids on the cusp DURING the school day. Not after school when most kids have left. Successful programs like Brothers on the Rise at Frick, Edna Brewer Middle Schools & others DO work and can work more if they are funded by Schools, School Districts and Foundations.

    PLEASE, let’s highlight some things that DO work…

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